Hi, Emma-Jean here.  I am the Wing Woman for female creatives, coaches, teachers and entrepreneurs who have thrown away the rule book and are navigating life and business on their own terms. 

I absolutely love the work that I do.  By helping you reconnect with your purpose and renew the trust in yourself by really grounding you in your truth, it allows you to continue to fully, authentically and radically show up as the powerful woman you are. 

If you have taken up this incredible opportunity to make a difference, to contribute, to lead, live and love a life on YOUR terms, then active focus on self-care is a must.  Self-care creates capacity, capability, confidence and a strong sense of self.   When we talk about self-care, it’s important to include time and space for the exploration of thought. It’s my mission to help you to keep your work and creations potent in order to bring about positive change and live life on your terms.


There is a synergy that takes place.  When the space is held in such unconditional positive regard, ideas reach maturity, an unfolding occurs and you become grounded in who you are and what you’re doing.

Hiring a coach is not dissimilar to hiring a personal trainer.  I’ve always thought of coaching as an act of self-care for my mental and emotional well-being.  Personal training for the body, Transformational coaching for the mind. It helps you to get back in touch with who you are behind your life and business.  And like personal training, you are giving yourself the gift of time and space to create something your truly desire – a life on your terms.  

It’s time – to unlock your awesome

Working with Emma-Jean helped me to get back in touch with who I am behind my business.  Our work together was very “deep dive” and challenged me to see myself from a different more empowering perspective.  She had a major influence on me creating my most aligned and signature product to date.  The most valuable aspect of working with Emma-Jean is that she doesn’t give you her opinions and thoughts on what you ‘should’ do – rather she inspires you to find those answers for yourself.

Britny West