It’s time to write your own rule book

        • You have already made a positive impact with your work in the world
        • You know yourself on a  deep level and understand the importance of nurturing yourself but sometimes let it slide a bit too much
        • You are passionate about your mission and driven to step up and do big things
        • You are a highly conscious soul, who is life curious and thrives on being challenged to see yourself from a different and more empowering perspective
        • You can see the success you desire but there is something stopping you from reaching it
        • You are ready to take it to the next level to live life on your unique terms

        Going it alone is liberating but at times the extra support that an experienced coach can offer is needed to allow you to move from your head to your heart. Someone who is focused on meeting you where you are and supporting you to get to where you want to be. 

        I want to provide accountability but also space to explore your inner truth and a plan of action to move forward. My passion is holding space for women to renew the trust in themselves and what they are doing by grounding them to their truth and find the answers that lie within.


        • Take the time to find your balance and strengthen your inner trust
        • Create space to reflect on where you are in your life and business
        • Reconnect with your unique purpose and your mission
        • Be gently reminded of the self-care and self-nurturing that you need
        • Create the sense of knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now without any doubt
        • Get out of your own head and gain the clarity you desire to take action in a more aligned way
        • Recognise the emotions or beliefs that have held you back
        • Transmute your pain into your power source
        • Reframe your past experiences into new stories that will empower your future

    How would your life and business be different?

  • If your answer is a reflection of your greatest desires chances are you are transitioning and ready to up level in your life and business. You may have got through the ‘figuring it out’ stage & up-levelling to the ‘working it out’ stage. Or heck, you may be done with the ‘working it out’ stage & are transitioning up through to the ‘smashing it out’ stage! Whichever part of the journey, I would love to connect and support you.


    You put aside an hour a week to unpack your thoughts and emotions, you create the opportunity to get out of your head and take decisive action.
    You cultivate time to feel fully seen, heard and valued by you – the most important person on this journey.

  • The cookie cutter version of what your business should look like is left behind and instead you pick up the version that honours the vision and priorities you have set for yourself.

  • You use the insights and breakthroughs from our sessions to craft a more confident and truthful message to your audience. Finally you can cut through the noise online with your authentic and clear voice.

  • Our intensive one on one hour each week builds the basis for your all-important self-care. Your journey with Transformational Life Coaching helps you take action from where you’re at to where you want to be instead of standing still, stuck in your own head over thinking everything.


  • Eleanor Brownn





    Your sessions are ultimately driven by your desires, each client’s journey is unique and that is what leads to the most powerful change. That where a discovery call can be most beneficial as we can work out what will suit you and whether we will be a good fit.

  • These are some examples of things we can cover:

  • ● Letting go of limiting assumptions from the past and breaking through those stories so you can live a more authentic life
    ● Working through the uncertainty of our value and place in the world. Together we can put strategies in place to assist you to feel grounded and trust yourself and the process.
    ● Honouring the inner rebel, the change maker, the light worker in you; creating the momentum to take the bold steps required to live life on your terms and make the positive impact you desire.
    ● Creating a smooth transition as you up level in your life and business. Using your insights gained through our exploration of all areas in your life to create a solid and committed plan to get your exactly where you are meant to be.
    ● Navigating your way through a time of abundant choice and opportunity. Taking all of the learning you have done and knitting it together to make the positive impact you desire.
    ● How to stop people pleasing and instead commit to honouring yourself and using this to live your purpose and create meaningful impact in the world.
    ● Managing workload and stress in your busy life, both practically and on an emotional level.
    ● Creating a version of your life and business that is uniquely and authentically tailored to you, a version that honours your intuitive, sensitive and gifted self.

    I will empower you to uncover solutions that feel completely fantastic and are right for you.


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      Are you a high achieving, big heart centred creative who knows that you are all about creating a ‘life’s work’ not a season?

  • Perhaps you’ve ‘geeked’ out on all the incredible learning that has enabled us to work from our kitchen tables?

  • Are you committed to running your business & living your life on your terms?

  • Is the feeling of being nagged (not by your kids) with the uncertainty of ‘who am I in all of this’ & perhaps feel like there are a lot of balls up in the air – am I on the right path?

  • Have you begun to hang out in your head too much and becoming sick of hearing your BS?

  • Do you find yourself being pulled back on line to check out how your colleagues are doing?

  • You’re done with overwhelming, all-consuming negative thoughts, and lacking of confidence.

  • You want to move away from the energy drain of social media but are fearful of how this will affect your business.

  • You’re tired mentally, emotionally, physically and it’s time to take a step back and look at ways to put YOU back into the driving seat of your own life.

  • You desire to uncover the possibilities outside of your ‘normal’ and what’s holding you back from financial freedom.

  • You want to finally own and embrace how strong, courageous and how incredibly talented you are.



    My role as a Transformational Life Coach and your Wing Woman is to provide the support that focuses solely on you.

    I am committed to standing with you, holding your vision and creating space for you to re-calibrate, reflect upon & renew your resolve.

    Most importantly we will enter a safe place for exploration and inquiry. A place to get excited about your potential and confident to shine your light as brightly as possible.

    At its core it’s about self-care and taking the time for yourself.  My agenda throughout our coaching conversation will be you, your success and you regaining your autonomy.

    We will create a fusion of listening, observing, talking, questioning and reflecting back. My expertise allows me to draw from a range of coaching philosophies and frameworks to work across many levels of change depending on what you need.

    You are unique and individual and our sessions will reflect this to achieve the change you are seeking.



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    Emma-Jean Lee


    I wanted to create something that I wanted myself. It is bespoke, focused on meeting you where you are at. I want to provide accountability so I have included 30 minute sessions to get clear on your goals to move you forward in your life and business. This is a more directive approach to coaching.

  • I think in times of transition it is really important to create the space for exploration and inquiry. This is where the non-directive approach is invaluable during the 60 minute sessions. You are an intelligent woman, who knows what’s what and what steps are possible to take next. So my desire is to renew the trust in yourself and what you are doing by grounding you to your truth by finding the answers that lie within.


    12 x 60 minute 1:1 sessions of Transformational Life coaching (non-directive approach).
    12 x 30 minute mastermind/accountability (directive approach)
    Unlimited correspondence with me (I will respond within 24 hours).
    Tailored resources to make huge shifts in your life (work books, recommended readings)
    Recorded sessions via Skype so there’s no need for you to take notes.






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